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Hi there. We’re Arial and Jamie. A couple of USA obsessed, road tripping fanatics! We’ve created this website to share our passion and knowledge of travel in the United States with intentions to inspire and help you plan your own trip, whether it’s a weekend getaway, or cross-country road trip.

America From The Road
We’d like to inspire you to travel, whether it’s a weekend getaway, or cross-country road trip.

America From The Road is a website focused solely on U.S. travel with a goal to inspire and inform. Our mission is to provide helpful and informative content so that you have all the knowledge necessary to plan the perfect trip, no matter what your travel style is.

We cover every corner of the United States from small towns to big cities, state parks, national parks, beaches, lakes, mountains, as well as off-the-beaten path places. The articles we publish include trip ideas, destination guides, restaurant recommendations, hiking tips, and road trip itineraries.

Road trips are our favorite, and we are experts on the topic! You’ll find plenty of road trip inspiration on this website with detailed itineraries showing distances, suggested travel time, best stops, and compelling photography, so that you know what to expect and how to plan out your drive before hitting the road.

What makes us road tripping experts? Well, we have spent the last nine years road tripping in the United States. And we aren’t the type of road trippers who spend less than half a day at a destination before moving on.

We enjoy slow travel, and will often spend at least a week, if not weeks, at one place to discover everything that area has to offer. Whether it’s attempting to take on all the hiking trails nearby, exploring surrounding back roads and byways, or ‘researching’ local restaurants, we aim to arm ourselves with as much knowledge on destinations as possible, so that we can share well-rounded, complete information to ensure you make the right decision on how to spend your invaluable travel time. Of course, we also do this for purely selfish reasons too.

How have we been able to spend so much time traveling? Vanlife! We have lived full-time out of our van for several years on and off. In fact, we were doing it long before it became popular on social media, back when it was actually embarrassing to say you lived out of a van. Nowadays, as we all know, it is almost everyone’s fantasy to try out the lifestyle.

I’m sharing this because I want you, the readers, to know, we are absolutely genuine with everything that we do. We never started this website to become ‘social media influencers’ and would be doing what we do regardless of whether it had or hadn’t turned into a business. Road tripping and exploring the USA is a passion turned obsession for us.

The first article I ever published over eight years ago was ‘7 Places You Can Park Overnight & Sleep On A Road Trip‘ and the second was ‘7 Places You Can Shower On A Road Trip‘. While articles on this topic have become a dime a dozen over the last two years, at the time they were pioneering. I wrote these articles because in 2014, there was absolutely no information on car camping and vanlife on the internet and these tips would have been so beneficial when we were new to life on the road. Those articles in particular have ranked number one on search engines ever since first published which says to me that readers find them very helpful.

That is why we have made the decision to write articles that are informational and service-based rather than narrative driven. We want this website to be about you. Our aim is to share useful content on travel inside the United States, and become a one stop shop for trip planning to save you time on research so that you can explore America’s cities, highways, and byways, sooner and with confidence.

Hopefully, you leave our website with the logistics required to get you where you want to go, and perhaps consider visiting places you had never contemplated before such as road tripping through central Idaho, cruising Alaska’s southeast passage, or discovering California’s Eastern Sierras.

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More About Us

Arial and Jamie are an Australian couple who have been living in the United States since 2014. They met in 2012 at a blues music festival in Byron Bay, Australia, and have basically been traveling together ever since they first met. They did a short stint living in Indonesia before moving to the U.S. and from that time they have traveled and lived in some incredibly beautiful locations including Malibu and Mammoth Lakes in California, Portland and Seaside in Oregon, and Bellingham and Tri-Cities in Washington.

It was during their first trip to the United States in 2013 when they first fell in love with the country. Instead of visiting the more frequented places by foreign travelers like L.A., Las Vegas, and NYC, they chose to rent a car and spend six weeks exploring the west coast. They started out in Santa Monica and drove up the Pacific Coast Highway to Santa Cruz then headed to Yosemite, the Eastern Sierras, Northern California, and Washington, before jumping on a cruise ship to Alaska. This opened their eyes to how awe-inspiring the U.S. was and they became determined to see as much of it as possible.


Founder of America From The Road, Arial Evans, started out her career as a zoo keeper before deciding to start her own business conducting educational reptile shows for children in schools, pre-schools, and birthday parties. After five years, she thought it was time to get a degree and obtained a double Bachelor’s degree in environmental science and marine science management.

Her passion for wildlife conservation gave her the opportunity to work with orangutans in the jungles of Kalimantan, and as a fish observer on the Puget Sound in Washington. It was after the first year of road tripping and car camping out of her mini-van that she created the website to share information about places that were a little more off-the-beaten path, and to give guidance on road tripping in the U.S. which at the time was not readily available.

Unlike most travel bloggers, she does not have goals to visit every country in the world, just every city and small town in the United States. Even though she loves Los Angeles and New York City, she is most happiest hiking somewhere in the mountains of Idaho, Oregon, or California, snowboarding, fly-fishing, and road tripping to places that aren’t on anyone’s radar.


Jamie Nicholson is a contributor to American From The Road. Jamie started out his career pursuing professional surfing, before deciding to get his degree in environmental science majoring in fisheries. His interests include surfing, skateboarding, snowboarding, golf, fishing, and converting campervans.

We are extremely grateful to all our readers and appreciate you visiting the website. We hope that we can continue to provide you with helpful information and travel inspiration.