Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountains: What Do They Mean?

The Seven Magic Mountains is an art installation which consists of a series of seven neon-colored rock towers in the Nevada desert just outside of Las Vegas. The thirty-foot tall colorful stacks have become a social media sensation and it’s estimated that over a thousand people visit per day.

The installation first opened in May 2016 and was originally scheduled to be on display for a period of two years. Due to its popularity and incredible success, the artist and producers have worked hard to obtain permits to keep the artwork open for an additional period and were granted an extension on their permit until the end of 2021.

There were rumors that the popular attraction would be removed at some point, but seeing as though it is currently being repainted as of May 21st, 2021, it seems this may become a permanent fixture in the Nevada desert.

The Seven Magic Mountains sits on three acres of federally owned land and is under the jurisdiction of the Bureau of Land Management, hence the free entry.

What Does The Art Installation Mean?

So what does the art installation mean? Well, art is open to interpretation so it can mean different things for different people.

On the official Seven Magic Mountains website it states that “the location is physically and symbolically mid-way between the natural and the artificial: the natural is expressed by the mountain ranges, desert, and Jean Dry Lake backdrop, and the artificial is expressed by the highway and the constant flow of traffic between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.”

Okay, so I’ve thought about it and this is my interpretation of the art installation; The towering neon rocks are a metaphor for the city of Las Vegas with its gigantic hotels and glittering neon signs. When I see these jumbo rocks sitting smack bang in the middle of nowhere, I think why would anyone build this in the middle of the desert, and who on earth would go out of their way to visit.

And this is exactly what I first thought of Las Vegas on my first ever trip. Who would build this huge city in the middle of the desert and why did people originally choose to move out there?

I guess it turns out that if you build big bright things in the middle of nowhere, people will eventually come.

Seven Magic Mountains
Seven Magic Mountains In Las Vegas

About The Artist

The Seven Magic Mountains was created by renowned Swiss artist Ugo Rondinone who has produced a range of contemporary paintings and sculptures. His works are in the collections of the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York among others.

This particular art installation was made possible with the help of the Nevada Museum of Art and the Art Production Fund. Rondinone’s other work ranges from neon signs and paintings to live performance exhibitions involving colorful clowns such as ‘Breath, Walk, Die‘.

Seven Magic Mountains
Seven Magic Mountains

Seven Magic Mountain Hours

The Seven Magic Mountains is a free public art piece. There are no gates and no official hours. Visitors are welcome at any time of the day. Be aware though that there is no public transport. You will need your own vehicle to visit.

Other Awesome Attractions Near Seven Magic Mountains

There are plenty of other quirky and awesome roadside attractions along the I-15 such as Elmer’s Bottle Tree Ranch and the World’s Largest Thermometer. See these other fun stops between Los Angeles and Las Vegas.

Seven Magic Mountains

What To Know About Visiting

  • There are no restrooms at the Seven Magic Mountains art installation.
  • Flash flooding events are possible.
  • There is an onsite parking lot available.
  • It’s a public art installation, not a playground. Be respectful.
  • Follow leave no trace principles and take your trash with you.
  • Bring plenty of water with you and be prepared for scorching temperatures in the summer months. It is not unusual for temperatures to soar above 104 degrees (40 celsius).

How To Get To Seven Magic Mountains

To get to Seven Magic Mountains from Las Vegas, follow the I-15 southbound and take the St Rose Parkway exit. Turn right onto Las Vegas Boulevard and drive about seven miles and you will see the art installation on your left-hand side.

From Los Angeles, driving north on I-15 take the exit to Jean. Here you will need to turn right and get onto Las Vegas Boulevard heading north for approximately five miles. The art installation will be on your right-hand side.

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